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Technology is the focal point of all we do at Eden Gardens Magnet, from reading to research skills to web page construction. Students use wireless laptop computers everywhere they go on the school campus, as well as on field trips and at home. This gives them the mobility to gather, analyze, and report data from any environment. In addition, there are multiple Internet access sites in every classroom, the technology lab, communications lab, library and our wireless laptop centers. Technology is integrated into the curriculum using such tools as Accelerated Reader, printers, scanners, digital audio-visual equipment, research software programs, and the Internet. Instructional and testing strategies that require students to practice, review, apply and transfer knowledge are an integral part of our daily program. Louisiana Grade Level Expectations are addressed using web quests; cyber hunts and think quests by accessing various Internet sites. The wireless laptop computers enable our students to expand their horizons, giving them limitless opportunities for learning in a classroom that has no walls. Technology is the vehicle by which our students learn, expanding their knowledge of not only required subject matter, but also of the global community of which we are a vital part.



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